IT Solution: 
Timing out problem with LinkedIn

For over a year Newberry PR & Marketing, Inc. had problems accessing Linkedin from their office. They could open their accounts but could not get beyond the home page of Linkedin without loading issues that eventually timed out. Anytime they wanted to use LinkedIn, they would have access it from another location. After months and many fails attempts to solve the problem internally they reached out to several IT companies for a solution. One being us at Harbor Light, Inc.

Solution: Harbor Light, Inc. was the first to respond. Within two hours we solved the problem and had them up and running with full usage of their Linkedin accounts.

Tony Lima of Harbor Light, Inc. was the first to find a solution to our connectivity issue with LinkedIn after many failed attempts internally and externally. Thanks to Tony we are once again able to fully use our LinkedIn accounts from the office. 

Donna Personeus, Vice President of Marketing & Creative Services
Newberry Public Relations & Marketing, Inc.

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