Your business depends on its computer network to function properly.  From accessing the Internet and email to running database and software programs, many companies rely heavily on their computers and network systems for conducting critical business operations – if your system is down, business is down.

Don’t let unexpected IT problems affect your business efficiency, productivity or sales. Call on the experts at
Harbor Light, Inc.

We work to prevent the inevitable IT obstacles by providing the PCsupport solutions you need to ensure your company stays operational. 

We can provide:
-       Computer Hardware
-       System Networking
-       Computer Software Configuration and Sourcing
-       Timely On-site Service & Repair
-       Off-site/Remote Access Troubleshooting
-       Back-up Solutions
-       Data Recovery

Be sure to ask about our Proactive Service Plan.  This includes scheduled visits to your company to perform the following services:
-       Verify that back-ups are running properly and on schedule
-       Perform a test data restore
-       Ensure anti-virus software is installed and up-to-date
-       Scan for spyware and viruses
-       Check for security updates
-       Monitor file server log for errors
-       Examine hard drive and ram usage
-       Perform hard disk maintenance
-       Make recommendations on upgrades

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